Sutil reprimanded, fined and called ‘Stupid’

Nick Heidfeld was fuming over the incident with Adrian Sutil during the Singapore Grand Prix today. After diving underneath Jaime Alguersauari in a failed attempt to pass him, Force India driver Adrian Sutil then spun and immediately gave full throttle back on to the track clipping the rear of Heidfeld’s BMW.

For this infraction, Sutil has been fined $20,000 and reprimanded by the stewards of the race. It also caught the scathing wrath of fellow German Nick Heidfeld:

“I think it was extremely stupid of Sutil,” Heidfeld said after leaving the track.

“I was ahead of him… my front… he should look where he goes,” he fumed.

Asked what his team would do next, the driver responded: “Maybe we try to find a brain for him.”

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