Symonds left Marussia in good shape

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The bad news is that Pat Symonds left Marussia for a job at Williams F1…to replace the short-lived career of Mike Coughlin. While it may be happy days for Symonds, Marussia are left without a technical director of his caliber and replacing him on a limited budget isn’t easy.

To Symonds credit, it seems he didn’t leave the team in a big, hot mess and actually developed a technical structure of good people that will be able to complete the work needed for the 2014 chassis. Team President, Graeme Lowdon, told out friends at AUTOSPORT:

“The key thing is that what Pat left in place with us is a very good technical structure and we have always had some very good and really talented people here,”


“The impact on us is actually reasonably minimal because of that structure.

“There is maybe an argument it might impact the 2015 car, but we have got time to put things in place for that and we are evaluating all sorts of options at the moment.”

That’s actually very good news as I was a tad worried about the current situation with the 2014 car development and how that would impact their production and ultimately their new engine from Ferrari. It’s a new era with new shove and I’d hate to see it scuttled by a serious blow to the chassis design process.

Let’s hope the team can find a replacement soon and that the current infrastructure is enough to see the 2014 come to fruition without Symonds. Imagine the challenge of an all-new chassis, engine, tire and energy recovery regulation package for 2014 and facing that without your technical director.

Who is out there that could fill the role and do so relatively quickly? Seems as if Mike Coughlin is available these days.


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