TAC and F1

TAC Europe, a global technical recruiter, is looking for F1 personnel to fill technical roles at an F1 project. Not that big of news on the surface but our friend D. Emmett sent over a linkedin group notice which read as following:

EXPERIENCED F1 Engineers / Technicians required…
Various locations
I am looking for experienced F1 Engineers and Technicians to help set
up the possible next F1 Team.
Typical roles:
Design Engineers (Composite / Suspension / Hydraulics / Electronics,
Hardware etc)
Pattern / Model Makers
Hardware Engineer
Software Engineers
Composite Technicians (Laminators / Fitters)
The above roles are typical roles; they may be other professions
available. Please feel free to get in touch with me if you are
interested in an exciting prospect.
You can contact me through LinkedIn, via email

Someone asked if it was in Europe, to which the OP replied:

Hi Will,
You are correct.
However, there is F1 work going in on in the US at the moment.
Many thanks,

Is TAC recruiting for USF1-GPE-XYZ? Who knows but it would seem intriguing as USF1 is the only F1 team in the US. Although, it must be said, a lot of suppliers for F1 are based in the US as well so this could simply be a carbon fiber plant that supplies F1 teams etc. just an interesting post for those looking for a job at USF1, who knows? Maybe TAC is the place to start. ;)

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