Tamara Ecclestone: Button ‘doesn’t deserve to be F1 Champ’

Admittedly this is just a “fluff” piece of gossip that you might find in loads of tabloid’s around the world but I thought it interesting nonetheless as Bernie Ecclestone just had a pleasant “buddy” session with Jenson Button.

Ecclestone Daughters

It seems Tamara Ecclestone, eldest daughter of commercial rights boss bernie Ecclestone, doesn’t feel that World Champion Jenson Button deserves the coveted position. The row stems from an interview the 25-year-old sometime-model, sometime-broadcaster for Sky Sports conducted with Button in which he took a phone call in the middle of.

The sometime-model told the Daily Mail’s columnist Richard Kay that she was not impressed by his recent performance.

‘I don’t think Jenson Button deserves to be the world F1 champion,’ said Tamara, at the opening of Mayfair members’ club The Red Room. ‘He has been in it such a long time and never really came close to winning a championship.

‘Suddenly the car is good and he’s won the championship. He only won six races and they were all at the beginning of the season.

‘If they’d all had the same car, then Jenson Button definitely wouldn’t have won this season. Lewis Hamilton is a better driver and he’s a nicer person.’

‘He was just answering his phone in the middle of the interview and I was like: “Dude, I’m sitting here, what are you doing?”‘

I wonder if it was her father calling Button during the interview?

Speaking of Ecclestone daughters, it seems Petra, the younger of the two daughters, lost a libel case against the Daily Telegraph today. It seems she felt misquoted when saying “I don’t have much time for people like the McCartneys and Annie Lennox”, in reference to their vegetarian position. Ecclestone, a designer, was being asked about her use of leather in her designs.

Seems they may be a chip off the old block when it comes to controversial comments in the press. They stand to go far in this dangerous and perceptive world.

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