Tanya Gold is Jewish by the way

I have often wondered how Jewish people felt about the Max Mosley affair. Then I heard of the Israeli motor club reaction during the Jordanian WRC event and it became clear that they were nonplussed about the concept. I also was intrigued to here the Barrister Anthony Scrivener, hired by Max at the FIA’s expense, determined there were no Nazi overtones to his sexcapade that has landed him in this position. Color me reactionary but I can only assume that had max pasted a fake Hitler mustache on during the sex romp, Mr. Scrivener’s finding would have been the same; no Nazi themes here folks.

What I find more disturbing is The Guardian’s Tanya Gold. Her take on Max’s orgy is nothing short of incomprehensible rhetoric. You don’t have to be Jewish to understand the atrocities of the Nazi regime but apparently you have to be Tanya Gold to outrageously lambast companies like Mercedes and BMW for being German and existing during the command economy of the Nazi empire. There isn’t a person working at either company who was in charge of Mercedes or BMW during WWII and it is reprehensible to suggest that Max’s episode, while personal and preferential, is somehow whimsical while Mercedes and BMW are the real deviant elements in this circus that Max has created.

Tragically Ms. Gold characterizes her defense of Max as harmless as it hurt no one and was consensual. I doubt Mrs. Mosley feels the same. I doubt Mr. Mosley’s sons feel the same. I doubt the objectification of women has ever concerned her. While Ms. Gold enjoys proclaiming her Jewish-ness as a grand equalizer to her position; I find it trite and reprehensible to slander two reputable companies such as Mercedes and BMW with her Jewish Morningstar. She then claims Max’s antics are purely harmless and that Hitler would have been better off doing the same and sparing us the holocaust. How resolutely inept do you have to be to equate the two events and use your Jewish heritage to drive home a point? Quaint. Cute. Chirpy. Kitschy. She should be ashamed.

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