Team bosses rank Top 10 drivers in 2014

AUTOSPORT has a fun article up about team principle rankings of the top 10 drivers in 2014. They are anonymous responses so they can be as honest as they’d like to be. The the overall results are collated together using the F1 scoring system of 25-18-15-12-10-8-6-4-2-1 and perhaps the winner is no surprise but 2nd through 10th might be:

 1. LEWIS HAMILTON (194 points)
 2. FERNANDO ALONSO (155 points)
 3. DANIEL RICCIARDO (135 points)
 4. VALTTERI BOTTAS (119 points)
 5. NICO ROSBERG (115 points)
 6. FELIPE MASSA (55 points)
 7. SEBASTIAN VETTEL (53 points)
 8. JULES BIANCHI (44 points)
 9. JENSON BUTTON (40 points)
10. DANIIL KVYAT (28 points)
Lewis was nothing short of brilliant this year but like many folks, the team principles felt that Alonso's ability to claw consistent performances from a Ferrari that had failed to show up for the season was worthy of #2 on the list instead of Rosberg.
I'll be honest, I am not sure where I would have ranked Vettel but I doubt it would have been 7th ahead of Button or Kvyat. How do you see the list? How would you rank the driver in 2014?
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