Team bosses rank top 10 drivers in Autosport poll

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It’s hard not to give the top spot to the champion and I’d argue he drove as good as I can recall seeing him drive. Lewis Hamilton takes top honors but how did you see it? Do you agree with this list?

Bottas had the best car on the grid and wasn’t able to produce the kind of performances that Lewis did but does that rank him 10th?

Max was terrific and perhaps Vettel’s Baku incident dropped him to third but I’m not sure I agree with Sainz over Hulkenberg.

Let us know what you think of the team bosses picks.

Autosport’s 2017 team bosses’ top 10

1Lewis Hamilton233
2Max Verstappen143
3Sebastian Vettel141Up 2
4Daniel Ricciardo112
5Esteban Ocon73New entry
6Fernando Alonso65
7 =Kimi Raikkonen49
7 =Carlos Sainz Jr49Up 2
9Nico Hulkenberg47New entry
10Valtteri Bottas39Down 1

Who voted: Toto Wolff, Mercedes. Maurizio Arrivabene, Ferrari. Christian Horner, Red Bull. Vijay Mallya, Force India. Claire Williams, Williams. Cyril Abiteboul, Renault. Franz Tost, Toro Rosso. Gunther Steiner, Haas. Eric Boullier, McLaren. Fred Vasseur, Sauber.

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Daniel Johnson

It’s actually a good list. I would move Alonso up one as he was fighting the Force India’s with half the hp.

Van Dieu

Bottas had his struggles, but no way should he be behind Raikkonen in this list. He won 3 races and finished with a bigger percentage of his team-mate’s points total than Raikkonen.

Negative Camber

I tend to agree with that. 10th seems very low for a guy who won three races but hey, I’m not team boss.

peter riva

If Bottas wins anything approaching a world title, or comes 2nd the three times Kimi has, let me know. Also, Kimi is supporting Vettel – they all know that, blocking, and giving a tow.


Agreed, but the list is for performance in 2017 and on that basis I can’t see Kimi above Valtteri.

Other than that, a pretty fair list (though unaccountably they miss out JoJo)


Hamilton is again certified as the best driver on the F1 grid and one of the four grestest drivers in F1 history !!!

Paul KieferJr

Based on his performance, I would think that Bottas would be 5th.

peter riva

Mark my words, Verstappen will fade within 3 years. Good? Yes. That good? Nope. Eager, hungry, seat-of-the-pants? Yes. Measured? No. Careful? No. All it will take to unwind him (compared to Alonso’s steady application) is a failed engine supplier or a good crash. And for the latter, he’s come close six times in just over a year. That’s one hell of a percentage.


Lol, yeah right…


Does anyone run a poll for best engineering?
Or a bang for buck award?
I’d be interested in those.
Force India would be looking strong in both those categories.
Ferrari a most improved in Engineering (excluding QA), along with Renault.

Qarbon Nubia

They don’t like Perez! – I wonder why as he got 100 points for the team that spends about the least amount and if Ocon had not taken him out at Baku would have had more points. He is a very consistent driver (out qualified and out scored his team mate). I think Ocon is slightly over-rated here (he is new and had a very good season but will he out perform Perez next year – I am not personally convinced as Perez was better in the last two races this season). Kimi and Hulkenberg are both hugely over rated.… Read more »