‘Team Orders’ approved…is this good for F1?

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Team Orders F1
With the FIA announcement this week comes the new that the article pertaining to the ban on team orders has been omitted from the 2011 regulations. Is this a good idea? The FIA does caution teams that Article 151c will be enforced should any of the teams bring the sport into disrepute…the kind of disrepute that Jean Todt, then Ferrari boss, displayed in Austrian 2002 that created the ban in the first place.

What do you think? Team orders have always been a part of F1 but many believe it devalues the sport. Where do you land on this issue? Do you think the FIA made the inevitable choice based upon the challenge of policing the ban? Are you okay with team orders as long as the teams patronize you and make it look like it was the natural course of racing (even though you know they issued team orders)? Are you fine with that? Let us know your thoughts on the controversial decision.


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