Team Orders? Stop asking the question!

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VettelEveryone has come to understand that team orders are a part of F1 although they are technically against the regulations. The gnashing of teeth by Ferrari detractors when Schumacher would win a race by passing a pliable Rubens Barrichello. Ralf Schumacher not being allowed to pass Damon Hill. These are all part of the epic race of F1. It is, after all, a team sport. McLaren, giving truth massive stretch marks forcing it to wear a one-peice in summer, said all along they had no team orders. I doubt David Coulthard would feel the same if pressed.

So it is refreshing to see a team confront the stupid and remedial question straight from Kinder-press by a bored, nose-hair picking journalist. “Gee, maybe this time I’ll catch them admitting to team orders by asking them really quickly”. This question is more dead than the horse the journalists have been kicking since 1998. Anyway, I digress.

Christian (in Bernie’s face) Horner handles it impeccably. Kudos mate! And kudos to those Magnificent Bastards over at Autosport for sending the low-grade sentient being with coarse nose-hair problems over to ask the question…again.

“It’s early in the season to be talking like that for the moment,” said Horner when asked by AUTOSPORT whether the team was thinking about prioritising one driver.

“We will support both drivers equally, but if there comes a time for either driver to have a serious crack at the championship in the last few events, they are both team players and will drive accordingly.”


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