Teams already getting 25% more money

According to Bernard Eccelstone, the F1 teams are getting more money due to the exchange rate fo the Dollar versus the Euro. Recently the teams have placed pressure on FOM to part with more of its TV revenue and distribute that income back to the teams. Currently they enjoy 50% of the revenue as paid out to them, apparently, in Dollars. So through exchange rates, the teams are doing better than originally agreed upon.

“I pay the teams in dollars,” the Briton said during an interview with the periodical Auto Bild, “and because of the comparison with the euro they are getting maybe 25 per cent more than was agreed.”

If that rate should turn south, then they do worse and darn it, that’s the risk you take. So using exchange rates to argue a 25% additional value to their distributed revenue somehow seems to be an aside to me when the teams are talking exchange rates, they are talking about getting more of FOM’s dosh irrespective of exchange rates.

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