Teams, F1 vote to delay 2021 regulation changes

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The ratification of the 2021 regulations has been postponed via a unanimous decision today at a special meeting today which included technical representatives from the teams, Pirelli and GPDA drivers Lewis Hamilton, Nico Hulkenberg and Alex Wurz.

There was some concern over extending the regulation debate for fear the larger teams would further dilute the proposed changes but apparently that was feat was assuaged. F1’s official site said:

Following discussions during the Canadian Grand Prix in Montreal and a meeting today, 13 June, in Paris between the FIA, Formula 1, Team Principals and Technical Directors from the ten teams, the championship’s single tyre supplier and a number of drivers – Lewis Hamilton, Nico Hulkenberg and Alexander Wurz – it has been unanimously agreed to defer the final presentation of the Technical, Sporting and Financial regulations for the FIA Formula 1 World Championship for 2021 and beyond until the end of October 2019.

While the FIA Formula 1 World Championship’s key stakeholders feel the core objectives outlined for the future set of regulations have been defined, in the interests of the sport it was agreed that the best outcome will be achieved by using the extra time for further refinement and additional consultation.

Furthermore, following today’s first meeting featuring the aforementioned stakeholders, a series of additional meetings will be held over the coming months.

The thought I had was the delay in car production based on a codified regulation set. I find it interesting to delay the regulations this long and wonder what basic regulation agreements may have been reached to allow teams to begin construction design of their 2020.

Sure, that, technically, two car designs away but if you consider that next year’s car may be designed on a technical set of regulations that would allow for an evolutionary move toward 2021, that would seem difficult to do given the delay. Time will tell but I am sure they were hoping for an approved set.

Ferrari boss Mattia Binotto said the regulations were still too green to vote on and that’s interesting in that F1’s Ross Brawn has been working on them for two years now.

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Todd, I can’t take it anymore. Motorsport magazine has an article where Toto says a major rules overhaul is a bad thing, because the big teams will just spend to develop. He compares the minor changes this year as the example. Well 1994 Williams and 2005 Ferrari disagree with you, Toto, as does 2014 Red Bull. If the overhaul simplifies the rules and makes it more about the racing, I bet things change. But now they can’t get a quorum on rules, I’m afraid we’ll just have faster parades until someone ballsy makes a decision. put Gunther Steiner in charge,… Read more »


I must give Liberty and the FIA a vote of no confidence on the sport. It’s organizational paralysis Any change seen as detrimental to the status quo will see two of the power factory teams leaving the sport and no change in the rules will financially damage the remaining non-factory teams. The Formula-1.5 teams should be the one leading the threat to leave the sport. Then maybe The Powers That Be will respond in their favor.