Teams Speak Against Mosley!

Max Mosley
Formula 1 Teams have spoken out against Max Mosley’s recent involvement in a large sex scandal that has left the sport questioning the FIA President’s future role.

BMW, Toyota, Mercedes and Honda have all made public statements as to their position on the Max Mosley. In a joint statement, BMW and Mercedes has denounced Mosley’s actions and put in to question his remaining as the FIA President.

“This incident concerns Max Mosley both personally and as President of the FIA, the global umbrella organisation for motoring clubs. Its consequences therefore extend far beyond the motor sport industry. We await a response from the relevant FIA bodies.”

Toyota and Honda have said:

“Toyota Motorsport does not approve of any behaviour which could be seen to damage Formula One’s image, in particular any behaviour which could be understood to be racist or anti-Semitic,” said the statement.
“Senior figures within any sport or business, including motorsport, must adhere to high standards of behaviour. When all the facts are known, it will be for the FIA to decide whether Mr Mosley has met the moral obligations which come with the position of FIA President.”


“It is necessary that senior figures in sport and business maintain the highest standards of conduct in order to fulfil their duties with integrity and respect,” said the Honda statement.

“The Honda Racing F1 Team [are] extremely disappointed by recent events surrounding Mr Mosley and we are concerned that the reputation of Formula One and all its participants is being damaged.
“We request that the FIA gives this matter careful consideration and reaches an immediate decision in the best interests of F1 and Motorsport.”

While many have been upset at my position on this, I feel I have only been stating what the teams themselves are now saying; this is a serious lapse in judgment. Remember that the FIA is a large organization and represents a whole series of initiatives, not just F1. Road safety programs etc.

There is too much at stake in F1 for him to remain against public opinion. The teams want nothing to do with appearing to support Mr. Mosley’s actions. They have brands to protect and perceptions to consider and if I were Norbert, Mario, Ron or either committee at Toyota or Honda; I would seriously question Mosley’s ability to make sound judgment on my team given the egregious lack of judgment he has displayed here. They will all throw Max under the bus at this point and it will do the FIA well to make quick action and a vote for no confidence. Placing Marco Piccinini in the temporary role of acting President until such time as a new President can be elected.

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