Teams summoned to review Hamilton British GP collision penalty

2021 British Grand Prix, Friday - LAT Images

Red Bull Racing has asked for a review of the penalty given to Lewis Hamilton during the British Grand Prix. On one side of this argument, you could say that Lewis was given a penalty, whether you agree with it or not, and the story is over. The other side of this argument is that it made a pile of rubbish out of Max’s car and was not severe enough as Lewis still won the race despite being penalized. At least that’s what it seems on the surface.

In order to accommodate, the teams have been summoned to a video conference call Thursday to review the penalty and in order to change the penalty, one would presume that new evidence needs to be presented by Red Bull that wasn’t already considered by the stewards at the time they made their judgment.

If Red Bull have new evidence beyond an impacted wallet, frustrated driver, ticked off team principle or car telemetry that shows the data points that were available to the stewards, then it may be hard to change the outcome.

On the other side, if Red Bull can present new, compelling evidence, they could get Lewi’s win taken away with a DSQ or a stiffer time penalty that would take the win away from him. If you are Mercedes, Lewis or a fan of either, you don’t like this much. If you are Red Bull Racing, Max or a fan of either, you feel this would be appropriate because Lewis doesn’t deserve the win given what happened and what potentially could have happened.

Either way, it will be interesting to see what case Red Bull makes. It will have to be a strong case because Mercedes won’t fold like a cheap tent on this either. They’re pretty cunning players themselves.

Time will tell but keep your eye on the case made and if it is compelling enough to increase the penalty. Also, keep your eye on the Mercedes rebuttal and how they justify the incident and penalty already served.

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Paul Kiefer

What Lewis did to overcome the penalty is fine. It happens all the time in NASCAR: A driver gets penalized but he’s got enough skill to make it back to the front anyway. It is what it is.

What we don’t need are crybabies. Red Bull (and Helmut Marko and Christian Horner) need to grow up.

Xean Drury

I read a rather amusing quote (? [facebook, so may be true or not]) from The Steiner saying “I wish they would just keep the penalties consistent. Because if ten seconds is all you get for taking another car out, we’ll clear the table and win the race”. Something to that effect.