Teams warned of Pirelli test

According to Sky Sport F1, the Formula One teams were warned not to take place in any in-season testing including the Pirelli testing option for 1000km. The letter surfaced this week, which Sky Sport F1 referred to here, in which the the teams were told that no in-season testing was allowed including the Pirelli test:

“Pirelli is entitled under the terms of their agreement with the FIA to offer teams 1,000km of tyre-testing, subject to each team being treated equally. However, there are no provisions within the sporting regulations for such testing to take place in-season.”

It was suggested that the letter was sent from the formula One Teams Association or FOTA last April and did reference the very event in which Mercedes took part in after this year’s Spanish Grand Prix.

The FIA are starting an inquiry into the matter and are expected to render some sort of judgment on Mercedes for taking part in the test outside of the regulations. It is unclear if the FIA will also offer some sort of implication for Pirelli as well but as the Italian tire maker is in the process of trying to determine their future in F1, that may not happen. Either way, the Pirelli test is now being viewed as testing’s version of herpes at this point and one wonders if Mercedes has a prophylactic strong enough to keep them from taking more than just tire data home with them.

Now the world awaits the FIA’s International Tribunal for a verdict.

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