Teixeira accuses F1 of Stealing A1GP ideas

Tony Teixeira, chairman of A1 GP, has told F1 to just buy him out instead of stealing all the ideas from A1GP. He cites single-source tires, Spec-engine concept and the national pride idea that Force India is using.

That’s all well and good but single-source tires and spec engines are the most common, obvious choices one would make when trying to drastically reduce the cost of a racing series. Sorry Tony, you don’t have a lock on those ideas as being unique to A1GP and if you are struggling financially and looking for a way out; perhaps berating F1 is the best place to start if you are seeking their potential help or buyout. I know, it was tongue-in-cheek but you worry about A1GP and the rest of us will worry about F1. Besides, A1GP is not running at the same time as F1 and was never supposed to be a competing series…remember?

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