Test 2 from Bahrain has been intriguing

2022 Bahrain Pre-Season Test, Day 1 - LAT

It’s been interesting to see and read about the second test so far with continued porpoising issues and more. Sainz led day two of testing for Ferrari on outright pace but the detail behind the pace has been interesting.

What I am most intrigued by is the lack of porpoising from McLaren and Gary Anderson had a nice piece over at The Race about that. Also, I find it interesting the brake issues that some teams are having like Williams and McLaren. That could be a serious issue on the balance of the season with brake cooling design etc. Last year, the brake ducts were very complex and without that element, getting air into the brakes will be key this season.

It makes me wonder if the FIA will take al look at that issue or make any adjustments in the brake regulations or if teams simply missed the call to action there. What else have you noticed and what has caught your attention?

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  1. I like pink. But I hate THAT pink with THAT blue.
  2. I like British Racing Green but I don’t like Aston Martin’s take.
  3. The F1TV highlight lady said Kevin Magnussen took the “bull by the horns” but it was just the Haas.
  4. I just came back to F1TV. I noticed that if I partially watch, say, a vintage race then the app remembers where I paused it just like grownup streamers.
  5. More later.

It’s later. Here’s more.

  1. I can’t decide if the Alpine front wing looks more like a melted candy bar or a sordid committee decision of some sort in which enemies were made. When were the staff changes?