Thailand Grand Prix… because you’ve always wanted more AsiaPac races

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How about another night race in AsiaPac? That’s what Formula One boss Bernie Ecclestone seems to think as he told the Wall Street Journal about a possible race in Thailand:

“They say (it will be held in) 2014 and I say 2015. It is serious and it is good,”

The government has been asked to foot the bill for at least 60% of it and that could be approximately $15 million of it leaving some deep-pocketed person or persons to carry the other $10 million large. Interestingly enough, the other half of the Red Bull empire (Chaleo Yoovidhya) lived, as he recently passed, in Thailand and his heir (Chalerm Yoovidhya) is still there with loads of cash…they own the Ferrari dealership there as well and Chalerm is the 4th richest man in Thailand which of course makes you wonder who the first three are. According to Christian Sylt in the article, Yoovidhya is willing to cover the rest.

If that were the case, it could mean two races funded by Red Bull with a recent rumor of a possible return to the A-1 Ring in Austria which has been bought and is now called the Red Bull Ring. In what other ways could Red Bull stamp it’s name on Formula One? They’ve been winning all the trophies for the past few years, have two teams (four cars) on the grid and could now back a race or two.

Regardless, the race could be in 2015 and with the Russian Grand Prix in Sochi and the possible US Grand Prix in new Jersey, the year 2014 seems to be a little busy. With 20 races already on the schedule and the teams grousing about the prospect of more than 20, it seems that Ecclestone has a plan to cycle races in and out on the calendar. A sort of venue revolving door where the 20 most apt-to-pay are secure with the others circuits/nations coming and going.

No harm in that, I suppose, as long as Spa Francorchamps is left untouched. In fact, all the other circuits should be charged a small surcharge to pay for Belgium’s Grand Prix fees such is the appeal and awesomeness of the majestic circuit. Just my humble opinion.


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