Thanks to you, we passed 2 million downloads!

When I started this back in 2005, I wanted to create a website for fans that represented the fan’s voice and fostered a community that was like friends having a beer talking about the sport they love.

We’ve never tried to pawn ourselves off as journalists embedded in the sport, and we’ve always held to the belief that this should be a safe harbor for new and veteran fans alike. Decorum & Civility is our one rule and thanks to you, the FBC community, it still is.

I would like to think that the staff at FBC has created something special but to be honest, it’s really you who have created something special. I couldn’t do any of this without the terrific staff at FBC and none of us could have done it without you.

Niki podcast shitbox

If you would have asked me back in 2007—when we started podcasting—if I felt we would ever reach 2 million downloads, I would have said that was “Total Bulls*#t.” I never would have imagined creating something that has been supported and received so well by the F1 fans. Never would I have imagined that the website would still be a safe harbor for all fans regardless of our opinions—and in most cases, in spite of our opinions.

I couldn’t be more grateful, humbled and floored by your continuing support and kind consideration through downloading, listening, reading and donating. Thanks to each and every one of you.

Kind Regards,

Negative Camber and the Entire Staff at FBC.

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The first episode I listen to was the Steve Matchette Downshift Interview back in 2013, I came upon it while searching for racing podcasts on Stitcher, then followed up by Ep 304 Season Preview (I had to go back and look it up) and that was it, FBC became part of my daily web visits and a weekly download. FBC’s flagship show, along with the other fine programming, is the same thing for me as the other show (a baseball podcast) I’ve listened to for 3 years, it’s fun, as simple as that. Great work and here’s to another 2… Read more »

Negative Camber

You’re incredibly kind my friend, thanks so much for listening.

charlie white

I found you guys by accident. I’d like to think I added to that download total. And yes, I left a positive review on iTunes.

Negative Camber

LOL…that’s awesome. :) Let’s hope we get more accidents like that. :)

Tom Firth

Congratulations :-)

The Captain

Congratulations! You’ve come a long way since the podcast in a cave. And yes, I did listen to that one, Can remember when Grace actually had a column, saw Andy in a tutu, and still miss Mark Hallam. You’ve been one of my main podcast ever since. Although I am a bit behind right now but you can thank Dan Carlin for that. Seriously though thanks Todd for a great podcast and website. You’ve built a great community here and I really must buy you lunch the next time I’m in St. Louis.


Fortunately I have never seen that photo of Andy, I imagine it would stick in the memory in the same way that THAT Flavio Briatore photo does.

Noddy Holder

I’m going to apologize again to Andy for ever posting that picture… the picture wasn’t really of Andy… it was of some random guy at a music festival. I think it was The Specials on stage.

Sorry brother… :-)

Negative Camber

Don’t feel too bad, someone was bound to make the connection. ;)

Jack Flash (Australia)

Congratulations. “Mad Cow Bag Lady” excited !!!!
Longtime podcast listener. Sometime regular. Sometime irregular. Always come back like the Prodigal Son. Keep it Up… and thanks for doing it for us all… the F1 Fans across the Globe (not just USA). Jack Flash.

Paul Riseborough

Congratulations to the whole team – I also discovered you by accident whilst doing a google search for some F1 news. We have differing views on the hybrid engine regs, but that has not stopped me enjoying your shows and (figuratively) wetting myself laughing at some of the crazy stuff that comes up in your podcasts. Being ‘occasionally insightful’ is an added bonus.

Tim C.

Congrats on 2 million downloads! And, heres to 2 million more. Thank you for making a safe place for fans to gather and express opinions without fear of being ridiculed. Personally, I thank you for allowing me to express some thoughts via the “Marbles” column. Hum, that reminds me, I think it’s time to compose a new Marbles column. Again, Congrats!

Tim C.


Congratulations Tod and the team, from Rolleston New Zealand.
I think you must have exceeded your original aims, the world wide F1B community are a great bunch who do indeed treat all contributions with respect and genuine warmth. The podcasts and website are my main source of F1 news (as well as wine, beer, baseball, American football, Nascar, and West Ham news), above all they are fun.
Brilliant work Tod – salute!

Negative Camber

LOL…West Ham. Now that’s funny. :)


I think I account for about 200 of those…


Negative Camber

And then some. We count on you. :)

Daniel Johnson

Congrats, thanks for keeping me company during my commute, and whatever housework I’m doing. Glad that I could be a part of that 2 million.

Noddy Holder

Fantastic stuff and congratulations Todd.


Congrats on 2 million. found you guys by accident haven’t miss a download since. thanks everyone keep up the good work.