That’s right! Delta Wing lead a race!

According to Andy Meyrick, the Delta Wing car is a real contender…after a host of caveats that is. After leading the race at Road America in the ALMS series this past Sunday, drivers Meyrick and Katherine Legge feel the car is a real contender and has now moved beyond a “project”.

Meyrick lost out after late-race caution flags spoiled their chances of winning but Andy said:

“To be disappointed at not finishing second shows how this project is moving forward,” he said.

“It’s a development project and along with Elan Technologies and Bridgestone, it’s been an incredible job.

“We’ve never run in this car in the wet and it’s a testament to the car.

“When we were behind the wheel, we both had it in our heads that the Muscle Milk guys weren’t going to get past. We both tried but they were really quick in traffic.

“It does show how far we’ve come – we were really quick in our straightline speeds. We’ve worked hard on the chassis; we really held our own.”

This all sounds great as long as you consider that the Audi’s and Toyota’s weren’t’ running but maybe that isn’t the point. The point could be that the car was running with the main field and sure, if the Audi’s were there, the Delta Wing wouldn’t have done quite as well but then that isn’t who they are chasing.

The project was really a fresh look at the new Indycar rules from a few years back but it has morphed into an ALMS project on the back of Don Panoz. It’s an interesting concept and it truly did show itself to be competitive on Sunday…even in the rain.

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