The BBC’s next greatest F1 driver is …

At No. 13, it’s Nigel Mansell.

Here’s from the piece:

“Nigel Mansell was the personification of drama in a Formula 1 car.

“Whether it be daring overtaking manoeuvres, his muscular handling of some of the sport’s defining cars, or the histrionics and apparent persecution complex that accompanied much of his career, there was never a dull moment when the moustachioed Midlander was around.

“Mansell’s career coincided – and is inextricably linked – with those of Ayrton Senna and Alain Prost. He went toe-to-toe with these two titans and in so doing earned his own place in the pantheon.

“His exciting, fighting style won him enormous adulation from fans, many of whom were not from the usual F1 audience demographic. But an awkward, complex, demanding personality often made him difficult to work with.

“Mansell achieved the vast majority of his success in two periods with the Williams team. But even their boss, Frank Williams, said when Mansell left for the second time: “Nigel is conceited, he’s arrogant and he’s brilliant,” adding: “We’ll miss him as a driver but not as a bloke.””

Umm… ouch. But personality is not exactly the point of this list of drivers, right?

There’s plenty more at the link above — including his rationale for leaving Williams for Indycar.

This ranking puts Mansell a spot ahead of Mika Hakkinen and two ahead of Lewis Hamilton. Does No. 13 seem like a fair assessment of his career? How much does his immediate success in Indycar play into it, in your opinion?

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