The best moment from the Brazilian press conference


As part of the preview of the Brazilian Grand Priz, the FIA was smart enough to bring all four Brazilian drivers together for a Q and A.

And it produced an actually “real” moment. Who would have thought?

I’m labeling this the best moment from the Brazilian press conference, but it might be the best from any presser this year. Here it is. RB obviously is Rubens Barrichello, FM is Felipe Massa and LG is Lucas di Grassi:

Q: (Joris Fioriti – AFP) Rubens, when you came into F1, Ayrton Senna was a big man and you were a small guy, and he helped you. Do think that there’s the same kind of relationship between you and Felipe? When he came, you were the big man, he was the small guy and…
RB: He’s still a small guy.
FM: He was never big. Smaller than me.
RB: I’ve been very open to my friends. In Brazil, we get on very well. We see each other much more than some of the others: the Germans or the Spanish guys. I don’t see them close too often. All four of us are quite good friends. Lucas or Bruno know that if they need anything they can reach me; the same thing with Felipe. So many times we get the plane back to Brazil or to some other places and he would say or I would say ‘have you learned that that line was the faster one…’ ‘oh, I haven’t thought of that.’ You just put a note and next year you try it. We’re fairly open and if there is anything with my experience that I can help I’m very glad to tell it and be fairly open.
FM: And also me and Lucas live in the same building. He never has food in his house, he’s always coming to my house to eat.
LG: Hey, that’s… that’s true. Free lunch.

Thank you, Lucas di Grassi, for providing the best moment of the weekend, if not the year!

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