Top 5 Disappointments of 2011: #2- Lewis Hamilton


Well to say Lewis had an eventful year is putting it mildly. When Jenson Button entered the McLaren team I don’t think many people expected him to upend Lewis from the team darling, but he has certainly done that, and for the most part it hasn’t been Jenson’s doing, more Lewis’s own undoing.

We’re all told to give him a break as he’s had some personal problems, well fair enough but as I’ve said before racing at this level is a huge mental game, and if you don’t have the strength then it’s not going to go well.

Lewis has lost none of his speed that’s for sure, but as we spoke of on the podcast , 2009 was a tough year for McLaren but he stayed the course and as a team they fought back on Lewis’s shoulders from being lapped at Silverstone to contenders once again, where is that guy?Because with him back, and Jenson as he is, they could really take a run at Red Bull next year.

We could go incident by incident for analysis but suffice to say he made a boat load of errors with other cars, mostly, but not just, with Massa. To look at this body of work over a season you would have to surmise he was forcing it a bit and none of the drivers are going to give in like they did to his hero Ayrton Senna, nor should they, you can forgive a guy for one of those a season, but the constant lapses in judgment are defiantly a problem deep within, that may not be able to easily rectify.

He has brilliant car control but just because you have it, doesn’t mean you have to test it every lap, with the Pirellis as they are it’s just going to speed up the degradation and be a negative over a whole race distance.

That being said for all the incidents he did have, he still managed to get quite a lot of points on the board, so just imagine what might have been? There is an air of fake team spirit when he talks, so I do wonder how he behaves behind the scenes, another reason I feel the McLaren team are currently a bit more behind Jenson right now.

No doubt Lewis could turn it all around, but after this year a guy who seemed like the poster boy for Ron, for his life in the sport, may end up somewhere else in the near future.

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