The end of the Ferrari / Alonso magic

It’s difficult to ignore the rampant rumors regarding Ferrari and their driver, Fernando Alonso. The reality is that the amount of talk and whispers surely represents smoke from a fire that is burning somewhere in Maranello.

According to AUTOSPORT’s sources, the two are set to part ways at the end of 2014 which is two years early on his current contract. Getting into a contract is often times easier than getting out of one and the future prospect for Alonso look to be centered around two possible avenues.

The first is a return to McLaren for whom he drove back in 2007. McLaren’s new Honda engine is certainly the talk of the paddock as that historic combination wrought havoc on the competition in F1 in the past.

The second rumor making the rounds is a driver swap that would see Sebastian Vettel move from Red Bull to Ferrari for Alonso. That seems like a very complicated move and contractual nightmare but I wouldn’t put it past either driver.

Alonso is ready to win titles again and has been working for five years to get Ferrari on the top step. It never came, however, but neither of his options are guaranteed to return him to title-winning positions as both McLaren and Red Bull are behind the Mercedes in performance—by quite a bit as a matter of fact.

Given the time it will take for McLaren or Red Bull to regain their form, close the performance gap and start winning titles could be a year or two. That’s what Ferrari reckon it is going to take them to do the same so it makes one wonder if staying put isn’t the best option.

Staying at Ferrari may not be an option if you believe rumors that new team boss Marco Mattiacci is keen to get the Spaniard out of the team. It’s all about timing but regardless, the end of the Ferrari/Alonso magic is most likely coming to an end.


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