The F1 diet| Podcast Ep 840

Formula 1 Podcast
The Parc Fermé F1 Podcast

Join Grace and me as we discuss the F1 “Must-have” race and why Spa Fancorchamps matters. We discuss the weight problem of F1 cars and McLaren’s new employee, Rob Marshall.

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Xean Drury

Well that was a fun podcast! I black out one of my ‘Todd’s Soundboard Bingo’ cards and darn near finished the second. If only you played the, “Baaaarcelonaaaa”. Getting to guitar and drum talk, fun fact that no one on here asked or cares about, is that at the ripe age of 42 I’ve purchased my first instrument. An Ocarina (Night by Noble for those who are interested). I’ve always wanted to pick up guitar, but for how busy my life continually is, an Ocarina seems like a great starter instrument. Easy to play, and thanks to the baked in… Read more »


Hey Grace, Le Mans is a street course. So is Spa…


Can we get rid of Miami and keep Vegas.
Yes I know we haven’t tried the Vegas GP, but from a purely selfish perspective, having a US race on at 5pm on a Sunday afternoon and not at 4am on Monday morning is very appealing.