The F1 Holiday Gift Guide: iPhone Cases

F1 Holiday Gift Guide

Sena Case

I have owned several Sena cases over the yeas so it was a delight that they offered to send a case for this review. The Wallet Skin case is the one I am currently using and I think you’ll see why Sena still remains at the top of my list of iPhone cases. They make a terrific product with attention to detail and the price is honestly below other quality leather case products. The Wallet feature is really nice for those on the go with business cards and important credit cards or I.D. that they always need with them. They offer a myriad colors and the leather quality is durable yet supple to the touch.

The issue that I failed to mention in the video review is that the Wallet Skin case requires you to open the case in order to use the camera. Perfectly logically but I failed to mention that. Sena gets my nod with 5 out of 5 stars.

ION Case

I must say that while I was looking for a carbon fiber case, this one jumped out at me for the style and protection. The quality of the case is terrific and you won’t be disappointed with the color selection or craftsmanship. I had not heard of ION prior to researching cases for this review but this iPhone case has certainly changed my mind about their product. I must say that although I am partial to the Sena cases due to the history I have with the company, I used the ION the longest and had a lot of compliments from others regarding its style and look.

ION has become the only other case that has taken my eye off of Sena as an option for a iPhone case and with the carbon fiber look, race fans may have found their match. I also give ION 5 out of 5 stars.

DRO Case

DRO and I struggled from the beginning but I will say that the PR person I dealt with was very nice and resolved the issue quickly. The case is beautiful and is full carbon fiber. It does has a locking issue for a slide case and I think if they remedy that feature, the case is a real winner from the style stand point and functionality.

I also received a lot of praise for the looks and the protection was equally good. I believe the design staff is looking at or has re-visited the locking mechanism and should have a more substantial solution with the wonderful look of carbon fiber.

Also, be aware that signal strength is impacted, for the worse, when using a full carbon fiber iPhone case. That is the nature of the material. I give this case a 4 out of 5 stars for its issue with the tabs on the case.

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