The FIA / FOM War! Game on!

The FIA have asked that more money be given to the team through promotional and TV revenue streams.  This would come from the FOM’s (Bernie Ecclestone) financial interest in F1.They have eluded that they would sign the Concorde Agreement if the FOM would agree to give teams  more money.  They then decided to discuss a possible increase in participation fees up to 150%.  They increased the drivers Super License fees astronomically.  All of this without very much discussion as to where all this new-found money would go in the FIA.

In what can only be viewed as an attack on Bernie Ecclestone’s F1 empire; the FIA have made a statement that they are now going to hold a consultative session with the teams and discuss or review the entire governance of F1 by the FIA.  They also announced that they are reviving the “F2” moniker and will create a new series in 2009 as a feeder series to F1.  F2 used to be the junior formula to F1 but has been replaced by different series in the past.  It now resides as GP2 and is owned by Bernie Ecclestone.

If all of this sounds a bit like the FISA/FOCA war; it is.  A struggle for power in the highest form of motorsport on earth.  Tragically I guess we could expect as much from these two as this is the very way the were able to wrest control of F1 many years ago; litigation, political posturing, votes and money.  That they have come full circle doesn’t surprise me in the least.  What surprises me is that the teams are going to let these two enter into a war of attrition and possbily ruin a sport who’s history is greater than both of them.  Neither of them created F1 and nor should either of them destroy it.

That having been said, I sincerely do hope that the FIA is thrown out of F1.  Max has ruined th organization with his misguided bravado trumped up by his ego being damaged through his own sex-romp escapade.  Now he is flexing all his muscle to try and bring Bernie Ecclestone down in a war of control and money.  Bernie is a shrewd businessman and I doubt he will go quietly.  In fact; I think his next actions may be fairly terse given Max’s use of FIA power to perpetuate his personal war.  Max’s personal issues are obviously affecting his business decisions.  For all of you who feel his personal life should not be on trial and has nothing to do with his running the FIA; it seems to me that it most definitely is.  Impaired is an understatement.  If Max doesn’t leave the FIA; they will have no organization left to worry about.  Shocking that the other members, Max sycophants, haven’t realized this yet.

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