The FIA Presidents 10 commandments

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The FIA Presidents 10 commandments.

The 10 commandments. Whether you have a faith or not its fair to point out they are a good idea. A set of rules that you should try to live by to make yourself a better person. I stick to the rule of “Be nice” to people. Seems to of worked so far.

However thongs are not that simple in F1 land are they? Oh no. So as it seems Max is finally stepping down (as I write this he is but you never know) I decided that it would be a pretty good idea to have a FIA President 10 commandments that would stand for every president to take office from now on. I will also give a quick explanation of each just to make sure there is no “grey areas”

10.1 “Thou shall not have any links to any team currently in Formula 1”

This one is pretty simple. If you already have a reputation where your organisation is currently jokingly called “Ferrari International Aid” do not try and install the last team principle of that team. If you seriously think that any decision Todt would make involving Ferrari would not get people screaming “Red Rule” until there heads exploded then you are in a pretty land maybe but not a realistic one. Of course it seems that maybe Todt and Ferrari didn’t end on the best of terms its rumoured. But on the flip side could that end up meaning that if any decision didn’t go for Ferrari Luca wouldn’t then claim that Todt was putting previous grievances against the team before his duty as FIA president? Point being don’t bring avoidable politics into F1. We have enough as it is.

9.1 “Thou shall not outstay my welcome”

One thing I like about America is the idea of a president only staying 2 terms. This is great! Fresh blood at most every 8 years! Max has been in charge now for… 2 million years? Im not sure it feels like that. But I think the FIA needs to have this in place too.

8.1.0 “Thou shall not change the regulations every 30 seconds”

This speaks for itself. Want to keep costs down? Stop changing the regulations every year. Moving from V10 then V* then making the engines last longer and longer, then banning fuel stops after a major aero change already meaning more big changes to the car does not save money and I am not going to add the whole KERS situation to this.

7.1 “Thou shall not do anymore surveys that state the obvious”

Every year we get these surveys that ask us what we want from F1 and every year we say more close racing with overtaking and better TV and access to the teams. Stop asking the same questions every year and then doing nothing with the same answers you get every year.

6.1 “Thou shall not set up any more F1 support series”

We needed F2 like we needed another spy saga. Whilst it is now back forgetting we already had a perfectly good series called GP2 that is not enough it seems. Now we have a GP3 series being set up forgetting F3 Formula Renault, Formula Renault 3.5 Formula Renault UK, Formula BMW to name a few. Honestly its getting silly, not to mention confusing… “Thou shall not insult any former drivers even Piquet Jr…”

When a president is elected he serves the people of his great land. All the people. I really doubt that Mr Obama would announce that everyone in California as “half wits” or insult any state. He can maybe tell France or the UK something not flattering that’s not good for relations of the world if he so choose to. But he does not insult his people. Same should go for the FIA President, say that Football or cricket is less of a sport but never insult a driver of Moto sport. We have to all stick together after all.

4.1 “Thou shall put Motor sport before there selves.”

You serve the sport. No way should you use it to make yourself look better. And therefore you can not become power mad and hang on to your role at the expense of the future of motor sport. If groups are setting up to get rid of you and most people (apart from some clubs we have never heard of because you can play a confidence vote like that) hen you go even if you are half way through your term (that you only get two of anyway)

3,1 section A. “Thou shall not hang around dungeons with £2500 to spare”

And if you do. Check EVERYONE for hidden cameras. We don’t want to see that stuff. “Thou shall not be in Bernie Ecclestones pocket”

Pretty important one. If you’re in Bernie’s control that means nothing will change. It is also important to point out that the president themselves will start to undergo a change in themselves which may lead to breaking every commandment above. Bernie has that effect on people.

1.000.0 section A Article A.1.0.0 A “Thou Shall Not be in the headlines more than the drivers”

This means you will do your job and keep quiet. When I open the paper I do not want to read your latest attacking statement on something. I do not want to hear your views on the Nazi party. Infact no Nazi’s can we just stay away from that all together.. No military uniforms no themes nothing. You shall only say things that will happen not say something like “we are going to run 500cc engines from 2012” knowing full well it will never happen and your only doing it to wind up the fans, teams and to get yourself in the headlines.

These are 10 very important commandments that must be followed very strictly. If any are broken then the president shall be thrown out in a ceremony of humiliation televised around the world where he shall have his presidency taken off him his FIA cufflinks thrown in the bin then pushed down the stairs out of the FIA headquarters and afterwards booed by teams, drivers and Fans alike who then pelt him with rotten eggs etc. Actually maybe I should add “1.1section B.56 “Thou shall not take tips from Max Mosley on anything he did in the last 10 years of his presidency”…

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