The Horse Whisperer: Alonso salary guestimate ‘utter balderdash’

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I have no idea why this topic has brought Ferrari’s beloved Horse Whisperer out from the barn, but it has.

Since there’s no way to do it justice, here’s the link to “The same old story” and here’s the whole darn thing:

This strange 2012 Spring is drawing to a close, but some things never change. Roses bloom in the garden, the smell of jasmine fills the air and, how could it be any different, journalists’ thoughts turn to the question of how much sportsmen earn.

Of course, there’s plenty of interest in Formula 1 drivers and, as usual, all sorts of airy-fairy figures are bandied about. Just arrived, but it’s surely not the last is something called “Business Book GP 2012.” This august publication would have Fernando Alonso earning 30 million Euro per year, or almost the same as the two McLaren drivers put together. A shame then that it’s an other case of utter balderdash, that shows once again that those who compile these lists, usually like to quote themselves and each other, like dogs chasing their own tails, always putting Ferrari on top when it comes to money, whether it’s referring to driver salaries or budgets.

Things ain’t what they used to be we are told, but, when it comes to money, the song remains the same: Ferrari spends more than anyone. A shame then that the reality is very different, as those who work in the business know only too well.

My first guest is that whoever is behind the Whisperer doesn’t earn as much as he or she thinks is deserved. But beyond that… could it be that Felipe Massa is a little perturbed? Is it simply a matter of Ferrari wanting to clamp down on any notion that it is spending beyond the pale?

In the end, it doesn’t matter — as long as it means the return of F1’s most hilarious, subtly sarcastic and ironical PR voice.

Long live the Horse Whisperer!

Imagine from the Ferrari website


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