The Horses are Frightened

Max has spoken to Autosport this week.Apparently I, as a grown adult, who cares that he chooses to have elicit bum-pounding sex and spend thousands of pounds a year on hookers and German prison camp role-playing themes am not worthy to talk to according to Max. Well, that’s just fine Mr. Mosley. I’ll be over here if and when you decide to stop insulting people who don’t find your S&M addiction and promotion of adultery and sexual perversion as benign and as acceptable as you do.

Something to consider is just who is not worthy to talk to..seems there were several kingdoms and principalities that wanted nothing to do with you. I suppose the royal family of Monaco is not worthy to talk to? Spain come to mind? But all this is academic really. Let him cast not the first stone. Yes, as Max says, we should all have evolved to a state that having sexual affairs with lots of other women while our wives are at home is not a big deal. Anyone who has issue with marital infidelity is not worth talking to.

Max has stated that he still plans on stepping down at the end of his term in October and that his remaining days should find him focused of “tidying up” the sport. Specifically making it greener, finding a way to save privateers (which is one thing Max and I agree on) and looking for a new Concorde Agreement by this fall. After the F1TA announcement yesterday, Max seems almost affable these days. Must be the recent court victory that has him all giddy and willing to work with the very man he all but claimed was trying to take over the sport. Mr. Ecclestone has played his hand wonderfully and now Max has little to say about that dastardly plan to wrest control of F1 from the FIA. Now he is looking forward to getting the Concorde agreement signed and moving forward with simple “green” measures.

Max certainly makes a case about how busy he is and how much work there is to do in the Presidents position. I can certainly understand that as 5-hour S&M orgies seem to really take a chunk out of your working day leaving very little time to get all your work done.

Let’s hope you are true to your word, heaven knows that’s not a guarantee as highly evolved people are difficult to trust these days, and you leave at the end of your term (or before…like tomorrow). Because honestly you need to be quiet Max…the adults are talking. They are trying to run a sport. There just isn’t any room for an Al Gore-style media campaign eliciting help from teams to be green in their focus while eliciting sex from hookers and votes from constituents.

You can read Jonathan’s terrific work here:

“It is obviously better to win than lose,” he said about the court case. “But the key thing was winning the FIA confidence vote because, if you are an elected official and your electorate don’t want you to continue, then you have to stop.

“Winning the case was good because it stopped all the nonsense about Nazism – that has now gone and that is the thing that really mattered. Now, as far as doing the job is concerned, with the Nazi thing out of the way, it (the controversy) will have no effect at all on me.”

“The truth of the matter is this – that no grown up person gives the slightest damn about what other people do in their sex lives. It is not even a subject for discussion. It used to be 50 years ago that if someone was gay then it was a big drama. In England it was illegal and you could go to prison. But all that is now finished – people don’t care.

“So as long as it is adults and it is consensual and it is private and, as they say, you don’t frighten the horses, then nobody cares. The grown ups simply don’t care and the people who do care are not worth talking to.”

Mind the horses Max, they may be more frightened than you think.

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