Congratulations to JPM for showing up this weekend. This is the JPM that Ron hired. The JPM that McLaren hung their hat on. The JPM of old. The JPM that was going to storm the beaches of F1 and take over Europe by sheer attrition, finesse, power and superior driving skill. Yes the JPM that the boys on Speed TV so highly anticipated. This is the JPM who was going to dethrone the venerable Mr. Schumacher from the WC. A tennis ball, child and several lack-luster performances later; JPM shows up and with a vengeance. Let’s not forget that JPM is an Indy champ, CART champ and current F1 talent so his abilities are not in questions. What is in question is: Where have you been Mr. Montoya?

The first half of this year; Juan looked no different than his stint at Williams. But this race does prove one thing; Juan can drive a car with the best of them. What would it take for you to have this dedication, reliability, performance and result each week Juan? Surely the talent pool in F1 is huge and it must be nigh impossible to always be upfront but you are the hot-blooded Columbian that so many hopes have been pinned. Thousands of your fans swear that you are the next Senna? Makes one ponder the possibilities that the next Senna may just be from Finland or Spain. Here’s hoping you can catch the wave and make it last. Ron’s patience might be growing thin and perhaps this week’s show was for prospective employers next year. Back to Williams? BAR? Keep us posted Juan and by all means; keep up the great racing. We all knew you had it in you.

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