The Lewis Lesson for today: To win, you have to finish

Lewis Hamilton may have found the missing piece to his arguably pretty incredible Formula 1 driver package. Let his competition shake in fear! From his site:

I’ll take each race as it comes, but I’ll also be making sure I get to the finish of the next five races – that’s more important than anything.

That’s right. Lewis is planning on finishing the next five races. You have to admit, it’s a pretty shrewd strategy.

Sure, it may not be quite as cunning as Jenson Button’s, but it sure beats the plan he’s apparently scrapped: DNF, win, DNF. That makes for a fun rollercoaster, but a less fulfilling title chase.

Now, now, before any claims of Lewis bashing start, I’m just having some fun. And it isn’t just me. Check out how the official F1 site spins it: “Lewis Hamilton Q&A: Finishing races now paramount”

Whoa?! Hold on a second. Finishing is important? But I thought, “If you ain’t first, you’re last.” What happened to that philosophy?

It’s a sad, sad day in F1 when drivers are trying to make it across the finish line, I tell you what.

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