The Parc Fermé F1 Podcast #673 Australian GP Review

Join Paul and me for this Australian GP review podcast. That’s right, it’s the TPF Formula 1 podcast and we review the Australian GP in all its detail…of what detail there was. Actually, owe cover the Coronavirus impact, run down eh timeline of events as they occurred and then parlay into a fun trip down memory lane of Australian Grands Prix that were special to us. Which Australian GP was special to you?

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“In a world where a race existed in another universe altogether….”

jiji the cat

haven’t heard the podcast yet, but Which Australian GP was special to me? 1st race in Melbourne when brundle had his spill on the first lap.
but also 94, and 2013 when Kimi won in the Lotus, cause i was there.
However the most memorable would have to be this years non event, as my kids and i were caught up in the whole debacle.


In the interim, it’d be fun if they did a simulated race weekend through the F1 2020 video game or something like that. Not the same, but something to watch.


Ah, I hear Dillon had the same idea. Right on!