The Parc Fermé F1 Podcast #674 Desert Island Drivers

Join Grace, Paul and me as we reveal our desert island drivers and then pit those drivers against each other on historic circuits in varying weather conditions. Who would we pick for our desert island GP? Which drivers would we use for which races? You’ll find out right here!

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What about that “Best Track Sections” track that Sky Sports commentator Martin Brundle once constructed? If it were possible, who’d win on THAT particular track?


I’m stepping away from the ‘why didn’t anyone pick Lewis’ discussion.
Personally, I would have included Stefan Bellof, tremendously fast (he was catching Senna and Prost at the famous ’84 Monaco wet race).
Just my 2c worth.


I’d pick Nuvolari, Moss, G Villeneuve, Hakkinen and Button.