The Parc Ferme F1 Podcast #676 F1 Playlist

Join Grace, Paul and me as we share our curated F1 playlists for each Grand Prix of the original 2020 season. That’s right, we all know music is a big deal to the drivers and they listen to music right before they get in the cars. So what should they be listening to at each Grand Prix? We tell you right here.

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Todd’s Playlist:

Aus: Icehouse- No Promises, or a guitar solo from Leon Todd of Ragdoll because I like his YouTube channel, he’s an ace player and good guy.
Bah: Soundtrack to run Lola Run or Roger Waters Amused to Death, Ballad of Bill Hubbard for the Jeff Beck guitar work
Viet: The Payback by James Brown
Chi: The Ace of Spades by Motorhead
Ned: Tiesto, Just Be the Antillas Radio Edit or Lyteo, Rank 1 remix by Mr. Sam
ESP: Freddie Mercury singing Barcelona with Montserrat
Mon: Anything with Charlie Byrd but probably Pat Metheny’s Beyond the Missouri Sky album with Charlie Hayden
Baku: Ultravox Vienna album or old school, I’ve got the Power by Snap! Because it is a power circuit
Can: Rush, The Camera Eye off of the Moving Pictures album
Fra: M83 Saturday’s=Youth or Jean Michelle Jarre’s Zoolook album
Aus: Schubert’s Adagio from the String Quartet in C major
UK: Pete Townshend’s English Boy or The Who’s Quadraphenia album
Hun: Jeff Beck Live at Ronnie’s
Bel: Pink Floyd’s Delicate Sound of Thunder
Ita: Soundtrack to original 60’s movie that Quincy Jones did, The Italian Job
Sin: Oscar Peterson’s Pastel Moods or Blue Nile Hats or Julie London’s Easy Does it
Rus: The Waltz from the Masquerade Suite by Khachaturian
Jap: Judas Preist’s Unleashed in the East album…I know, but I learned to play guitar to that when I was a young teen
US: BB King’s Live at the Regal, any of the three kings for that matter or anything from Son House because I am a Mississippi Delta blues fan but we’re in Austin and you have to pay homage so I will go with Stevie Ray Vaughn’s Live Alive disc in its entirety.
Mex: Julian Bream’s Villa-Lobos album: 12 etudes for classical guitar
Bra: Los Destellos or Los Yetis which is an old-school LATAM vibe and it’s fun. Although most would warn me that Mars Volta is who I should listen to.
Abu: Brian Eno’s CD called Apollo, S. Carey’s 100 acre or maybe even Solomon Grey’s first CD.

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Louis Jansen

I would like to contribute with a single suggestion for the Dutch GP: T-Spoon – Sex on the beach. Just to keep it nice and simple. And this is indeed a Dutch band!


I went with the following: Australia: Chumba Wumba, “Tubthumping” Bahrain: Gordon “Sting” Summers, “Desert Rose” Vietnam: Bruce Springstein, “Born in the USA” Chna: David Bowie, “China Girl” Dutch: A-Ha, “Take on Me” Spain: The Police, “Synchronicity II” Monaco: ABC, “How to Be a Millionaire” Azerbaijan: Paul Oakenfold, “Ready, Steady, Go” Canada: Rush, “Tom Sawyer” France: Duran Duran, “Union of the Snake” Austria: Diana Ross, “Ain’t No Mountain High Enough” British: AC/DC, “Thunderstruck” Belgium: The Beatles, “The Long and Winding Road” Italy: Sammy Hagar, “I Can’t Drive 55” Singapore: Murray Head, “One Night in Bangkok” Russia: Scorpions, “Wind of Change” Japan:… Read more »

Paul Charsley

nice picks Paul especially the Diana Ross!


….and my “mental” playlist is a lot bigger than this. ;-)


To be honest, I’ve never even heard of that musical (had to Google that one). The song you were referring two was a Top 40 hit a few decades ago.


I learn something new every day. Go figure.


Still listening to the podcast but I really hope that someone went for Ian Dury and the Blockheads ‘I wanna be straight’, for Monaco.


Hi Grace, Paul and Todd. Thank you for keeping up your high spirit and your work on the podcast. Been listening to you guys for quite some years now – my favorite F1 podcast. I gladly support you on patreon – thank you. Still smiling about the “music podcast”. Music is a great help these days, with lockdown and corona. Great inspiration to find som new-old music and finding som good wibes. As a guitarplayer Todd, i would like to point out to you my favorite danish guitarplayer: Mike Andersen. Find him where you listen to music – you won’t… Read more »


Dang it, I’m late to the party on this one. Totally missed this release til now. First, everyone that loves prog rock should check out a little known release by Yes called ‘The Ladder (Homeworld)’. It was interestingly the credits song for the computer game Homeworld, and it’s, in my opinion, a nine minute masterpiece. Second, also check out the entire album Jetpack Soundtrack by Lionize. Especially the first two tracks, as the Intro track flows perfectly into the lead track. And the last two tracks for more of the same reason (the last track ‘Sea of Tranquility’ is pretty… Read more »