The Parc Fermé F1 Podcast #679 Salvaging 2020

Join Grace, Paul and me as we discuss salvaging the 2020 Formula 1 season. With the announcement of the cancellation fo the French Grand Prix and subsequent public statement from F1 that the season will start on July 5th, we discuss the logistics and challenges the series will face.

We also recorded the video of our podcast in case you, for some reason, would prefer watching three talking heads. you can watch below or go to our YouTube channel here.

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1. Todd, why are you cutting nails with a pair of scissors? They have clippers for that sort of thing, yanno. 2. I can’t understand why they don’t just incorporate next year and call it a “super-season”. 3. Sure, IndyCar has fewer pit personnel, NASCAR even less so, and they still manage to change tires (although it does take a little longer). 4. …..and then you have Customs and Border Patrol, and they have orders to stop people from coming across the border. How’s that going to work out for a Formula 1 team? 5. Honestly, I wouldn’t trust Russia… Read more »