The Parc Fermé F1 Podcast Ep 713 The Holiday Gift Guide

Formula 1 can be expensive and so can the swag. That’s why we’ve personally curated this amazing list of holiday gift ideas for that discerning F1 loved one you care so much about. What should you buy the F1 fans who has everything? We answer that question and more right here.

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We start off with the Williams F1 gear desk office table top mantle clock – Mans guys mechanics Formula 1 motorsport engineering car driving racing gift accessory for $85

What better way to let the world know that you’re an F1 fan and in particular, a fan of the 2018 German Grand Prix, than to wade through the murky holiday waters wearing this red hat with 10 straight thin white lines across the crown?Why nothing says that your scan rate is 60hz than showing your love for a race from 2018 represented by straight, ambiguous lines. The official F1 mercy shop hit this one out of the park, folks. 

When Paul entertains at Charsley Manor, he does so with an elegance and attention to detail that most hosts miss. When engaged in conversation with Paul near the eggnog, you might have just noticed that he set his glass down on a coffee table like no other. That’s right, It’s not just any coffee table, its his $31K Renault F1 V10 block coffee table. That’s right folks, it’s made from the block of a Renault V10 engine!

For all those George Russell fans out there, and at this point who isn’t, why not celebrate the lowest possible point of the young man’s burgeoning career with the George Russell Sad Imola 2020 Sticker? I mean who amongst us wouldn’t want to commemorate that crowning achievement by encapsulating the moment in a stick for your Yeti fo $5

For my last gift idea, I have always liked the Formula De board game and I have seen this F1 game for a while, I watched the video and it looks like it may be fun. The Lacorsa Grand Prix game replete with small cars, cars and the world’s simplest board. If you have it, let me know if you enjoy it because spending $50 on a board game seems expensive if it isn’t fun. 


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Xean Drury

GREAT podcast all! Freeking hilarious. Thanks for another year of entertainment, have a great holiday season, Merry Christmas, and screw you 2020!