The rain in Sepang stays mainly on F1’s gang

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Everyone remember the fuss over Formula 1’s decision to move this weekend’s Malaysian GP an hour earlier to avoid a repeat of last year’s rain-shortened race? The one that Jenson Button won last year over just 31 wet laps and less than 56 minutes?

Well, that hour might not be quite enough, if F1 was hoping for a truly dry race.

Here’s the news from Bernama, the Malaysian National News Agency:

Wet Race Expected At Malaysian F1 Grand Prix
KUALA LUMPUR, March 31 (Bernama) — The Malaysian Formula 1 Grand Prix which starts on Friday at the Sepang International Circuit is likely to be a wet affair.

A Malaysian Meteorological Department spokesman told Bernama that the weather was forecast to be fine in the morning in Sepang during the three-day period but there would be rain in the afternoon.

“The rain is expected to start around 4pm and normally lasts two hours,” he said.

Last year, the race, which started at 5pm, had to be cut short by several laps due to thunderstorm.

This year, the organiser decided to hold the race one hour earlier at 4pm, doing away with the “race into the twilight” concept.

So, riddle me this, everyone: If the rain normally begins to fall at 4 p.m. and an F1 race lasts 1:30, when would you start your race?

“4 p.m.,” you say? Well, then you’re in good company with the likes of Bernie Ecclestone.

If you said, “2 p.m.” or even “11 a.m.,” then you are in company with most of the rest of the F1 world, but it isn’t good company, I’m afraid.

As Grace noted a bit ago, we don’t really know if F1 isn’t still boring. Australia had too many variables. It looks like Malaysia will, too.

And that means it should be an exciting weekend, but it could still be a boring season.


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