The results are in, here’s what fans say they want from F1

Did you catch our last podcast? Remember me saying that an insulting robot, wheel change challenge and other activities in the revamped “Fan Zone” isn’t what fans are looking for in Formula 1? Yeah, seems I was right.

After 13 weeks of gut-wrenching, butt-pounding work, the conglomerate that is Motorsport Network have released the result of their global fan survey. It had been a few years and it seemed like a good time to do yet another fan survey to give the appearance that F1 is listening.

This time, fans were quite as confused or foiled by the question, “would you like to see more passing” and they were careful to not suggest such silly things. Instead, they said they didn’t want gimmicks and to my point, the fan zone, concerts and other activities isn’t what they want either.

What they want, and we said this in our show, is the be brought in to the sport and taught more details about the sport. Paddock tours, grid walks and other ways to engage teams and discover more about their sport. Not a bouncy castle with a robot that calls you names. 

I won’t share my opinion on the other revelations from this survey but as Grace does this for a living, I’m sure she would have a lot to say about this survey. 

Check it out here and let us know what you think this survey really says. BE sure to look at the age brackets, the type of questions asked and how they are asked and look beyond the obvious. You’ll start to see the picture. 

Fan Survey Here.

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Alwin Rozema

So Formula 1 fans firmly reject any artificial ‘gimmicks’ to enhance racing, but they do approve DRS. Very strange.

John The Race Fan

“13 weeks of gut-wrenching, butt-pounding work”?
Are you sure that wasn’t the Fyre Festival?