The sons are here! Who can stop Mad Max?

It’s about that time isn’t it? Nico Rosberg’s dad started a little earlier than perhaps Jos Verstappen or Jan Magnussen but now it’s time for their kids to make a name for themselves and not just ride the name of their racing fathers—although that doesn’t hurt at all when looking for financial backing.

While Rosberg has become a man of merit in Formula 1 over the last several seasons, a young Kevin Magnussen is now gaining the respect of McLaren boss Ron Dennis at the expense of his veteran teammate Jenson Button it seems. Dennis said:

“I’m happy with the drivers in the sense I think they are giving their best,” Dennis told Sky Sports. “I’m sure Kevin is giving a big wake-up call to Jenson. In some ways you say: ‘Great, we’ve made a great choice with Kevin.’ But in other ways you say: ‘Come on Jenson, you are a world champion and absolutely one thing you can do on a consistent basis – and you should be doing it – is beating your team-mate.’

While Kevin could be securing a longer future in F1 and Nico already has a firm grip on the series, there is another young man who is raising eyebrows for all the right reasons.

Max Verstappen, some for F1 driver Jos Verstappen, has won the last six races in the European Formula 3 championship. Three at Spa Francorchamps and now three at the Norisring. While those 6 wins haven’t secured the lead in the championship, it does give Verstappen hope as they head to Russia:

“What’s very positive is that I did as well as at Spa, but on a totally different layout,” was how Verstappen analysed the result. “It bodes well for the next few rounds. I’m still far behind Esteban, but with three races per weekend things can change very quickly. So I have to continue in the same vein. I don’t know the Moscow Raceway while Esteban knows it pretty well. I’m not worried, though; I’ve showed that I can learn circuits very quickly.”

It certainly does suggest the title, “Can anyone stop Mad Max Verstappen?” The young Dutchman has certainly made his name in Formula 3 and that may not be any surprise when his father, Jos and his mother, Sophie Kumpen, are both racers. Max’s grandfather and uncle are both racers as well so it’s in their blood for sure.

The next big challenge will finding the opportunity in F1 but at 16-years-old, he has some time to iron out those details and a name like Verstappen will help. Bring on the Verstappen vs Magnussen battle!

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