The Times: Honda F1 Saved!

The Times is reporting as an exclusive that the Honda F1 program has been saved in an approved management buyout. The details are limited but it seems as if the buyout is being lead by Ross Brawn and will be funded by Honda, Bernie Ecclestone, and commercial sponsorship. Rumors suggested that while Jenson Button will remain as the driver, Bruno Senna was being tipped for the second ride and dragging with him a large bag of cash.

It is believed that the buyout will safeguard a majority of the 700 employees. It is suggested by the Times that the deal was approved last Monday but the outgoing CEO of Honda, Takeo Fukui, said later that no serious buyer had come forward. Huh? Guess what? The Magic 8-Ball was at work there and curse on us for not seeing it when it happened.

this has to be very good news for Jenson Button and it is said that they will conduct a shakedown test at Barcelona March 9 on the 2009 car which will have a Mercedes engine. The 2009 car, which we might as well call Frankenstein, has had a difficult creation with zero track time. Let us hope that Ross has it under control or the BBF1 team could still be the same situation as Honda F1 were…fiercely and competitively guarding the back of the grid.

Stay tuned for more details as they emerge. (it’s not easy beating Autosport to a story but hey…every once in a while I am up later than those ink jockeys. Who loves ya baby!)

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