The U.S. Vintage Grand Prix

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Weekends have a way of getting tedious. The honey-do lists, yard work and toils of thistle and thorn often produce some amazingly and desperately boring times but you have no excuses this weekend. That’s right; the U.S Vintage Grand Prix is at Watkins Glen!

F1B’s own John Stone will be attending, thanks to the gracious help by the terrific staff at Watkins Glen, to cover the event in what we call…Stone-style. Replete with words and pictures John will bring us all the sites and sounds of one of the gems of US racing. The largest vintage racing event in the US will include cars as far back as the 1930’s and the entry list is fantastic. See the list here.

America has a pedigree in motor sport and it’s not just NASCAR. In the late 1960’s and throughout the 1970’s the United States hosted some of the most terrific racing series and events and it is no coincidence that Watkins Glen is now hosting the largest vintage race in the country. The Glen, as it is known in racing parlance, was home to the US Grand Prix for 20 years.

This weekend’s event will also be honoring legendary race car driver Lyn St. James as the Grand Marshall of the event. It is a fitting tribute to a woman who is still inspiring many young women to pursue a career in motor sport. You can see more about Lyn St. James here.

This year will also accommodate the car collector as well with the State Line Vintage Auto Auction at The Glen. You can see more information about the event here. And if anyone would like to get me the Porsche 356 B Coupe for an early birthday present, that would be just fine.

With nearly 400 entrants on this 3.4 mile road course there is no reason not to attend so pack the car and get out there with John Stone and enjoy the weekend. For more information on the event, click here.


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