Theissen: ‘Conditional’ entry was Mosley’s idea

Dr. Mario Theissen said Thursday that the idea of entering a “conditional” entry application by the FOTA member teams was Max Mosley’s idea proffered in Monaco’s series of meetings between the FIA and FOTA. This may be of interest should Max use the “conditional” applications as a reason to deny entry based on their legality or validity due to a proviso attached to the document. Many have speculated that with the wave of new team applications, the grid has suddenly filled up for 2010 and some, or even all, of the FOTA teams would not be needed to make a 20 car grid for the start of the season.

Will Max pull an underhanded move such as this? If he does, it will be very suspect as he was the one that suggested the teams file “conditional” applications only to use that to scuttle their entry in the 2010 season.

“When we had the meeting with Max [Mosley] in Monaco, it was his idea to put in a conditional entry,” he said.

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