Theissen: Politely slamming 2009 regulations

Dr. Mario Theissen, BMW boss, has politely commented on the 2009 regulations. The intent, as FIA President Max Mosley put it, was to increase passing and improve the show. It was also the intent to cut costs this year as well. In both categories the regulations have failed but cost cutting gets the nod for most successful of the failed strategies.

“In the area of cost-saving, I think the progress has pretty much met expectations,” Theissen said.

“The aero restrictions we currently have, however, are not as tight as we thought they would be, so I think we could do more.”

And overtaking? “When it comes to overtaking maybe we had expected a bit more from the new regulations.”

We have seena close field this year and Theissen agrees this is the one area that has improved via the new regulations:

“It has been very exciting for both the spectators and us, sometimes too exciting,” he said. “You see almost every team going out on two sets of fresh option tyres, even in the first knockout phase of qualifying, in order to make it into the second phase.

“That is a scenario no-one expected and we haven’t seen in the past 10 years.”

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