Theissen: Same goals, same focus

This is an example of why I think Dr. Mario Theissen is the new king of the paddock.I have a tremendous amount of respect for this man and what he has achieved.  It’s all well and good to be an engine supplier in F1 but to buy a team and win a race in just two years is nothing short of fabulous!  He has to be admired and if I were Ron or Stephano; I might actually be very wary of this man.

BMW have done an outstanding job and I am delighted with their recent win and performance.  I hope they can take the title this year but as it stands, I know of two other teams that are equally dedicated and blindingly fast.  It is what F1 is all about and should make for a great show.  I think Dr. Theissen is stronger on many fronts than his competitors and BMW’s performance is a testament to not only that but to the entire BMW family for their hard work and dedication to the sport.  This from Autosport:

“Our target for the 2008 season was to turn the two-horse race at the top of the standings into a three-way battle and to win our first race,” said Theissen.

“Our one-two result in Montreal means we have achieved both goals after just seven races of the season. Clearly, we are not about to sit back and relax now. The whole team is hugely motivated and is looking to build on our success so far.

“However, that does not mean that we will be deviating from our course.

“The next goal is always the next race, and that is where our focus lies. For us it is all about using our strengths and ensuring that we are there to take advantage if our rivals make mistakes.

“With this attitude within the team, I think we have a good chance of exceeding expectations again this season.”

Although Kubica has downplayed his chances of winning the title, Theissen said it was no coincidence that the Polish driver was in the position he is in.

“Nobody who is at the top of the drivers’ championship after seven races is there by accident,” he added. “The team and drivers have been working their way gradually towards the top of the standings over two years.

“We certainly won’t be taking our foot off the gas now, but instead pushing forward at full power. We can talk about the results at the end of the season.”

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