They’re all here! Which F1 car looks the best?

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All the cars have been revealed so now it’s time to pick your favorite. Which one do you think looks the best?

Renault Sport F1

Williams F1

Scuderia Toro Rosso


Red Bull



Haas F1

Force India



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Jacco Weel

The Renault, followed bij McLaren. The Williams is dull.

Negative Camber

To be honest, that Renault looks terrific! I love the STR too, remind me of the Prost GP French Blue cars and I loved those!


There appears to be a significant difference in the length of the cars. Mercedes looks to be the longest and Force India the shortest (look at the length of the mailbox before the mandated diagonal line that starts one metre forward of the rear wheel centre line). Perhaps this will mean different cars will be fast on the higher speed corners and the tighter twisted circuits? That can only be good for the racing.

Salvu Borg

FERRARI is one of the shortest (wheel base) but a longer version will be tested during testing days.

jiji the cat

Torro Rosso on livery. There’s our FR Blue Todd. As for the design, I have to say merc. No fin gets a big thumbs up from me.

Lars Niessen

And you think Mercedes wont run a sharkfin? Mark my words every single car will run the Fin! Mercedes only launched it without fin, but every team got different engine covers, both with and without fins and some works teams will even have covers with different size fins!

Sorry to shatter your dreams but even Mercedes cant defy the aerodynamic laws. You will see Mercedes with and without fin in testing. And my guess is at the first race each and every single team will run a full fin!

jiji the cat

I did say in another post that they will. No dreams shattered here

Lars Niessen

It sounded to me as if you liked Mercedes best because they had no fin @ launch. And imo you cant judge a car for having a fin or not at this moment in time!
Excuses made i did not read your other post about the Mercedes fin.

jiji the cat

its all good

Junipero Mariano

I regret that I have but one like to give to this comment.


When you see them altogether like this, it really does become apparent that McLaren got their livery so wrong. In my opinion and from the side on view it’s the worst looking, what potential there could have been has been wasted.

As for the best looking livery, it’s a toss up between the STR, Renault and Sauber for me, with Mercedes, Ferrari and Redbull a close second.

Such a shame the fins have returned, it defeats the object of making this years cars attractive.


I don’t recall the regulations stipulating that the cars had to be good looking.

Adam Gates

I believe part of the aim of the regulations was to make the cars more attractive in order to add appeal to the sport. I think that’s the reason why the rear wing is far more angled backwards and certain flourishes allowed around the sidepods was to add visual appeal (and obviously for aero purposes).

Andrew Phillips

They flipping well should do!!

Andrew Phillips

Oh I don’t know, the Williams is pretty nasty, its between those two which one gets the ‘please, you’re hurting my eyes’ award.

charlie white

Easy-the STR looks best. Someone there appreciates bright colors. And it has an racing stripe. After all, it is a race car.


Toro hands down the best looking.

Bill Cape Coral

They are all turds in a punch bowl, but the Torro Rosso looks the best followed by the Hass who used broken up paint on the fin to hide it.

Lars Niessen

My top 5, 1 Renault, 2 Mclaren 3 Red bull Racing 4 Toro Rosso, 5 Sauber


STR, but I think the Haas scheme does the best job in hiding the shark fin.

Looks aside, it will be interesting to see how the pecking order develops.

Mike Roberts

Renault for sure the best looking. I like how Haas used black to emphasize the shape of the body. Biggest disappointment is Williams. It was my favorite last year.

Junipero Mariano

Toro Rosso, then Mercedes.


How about a photo of the Ferrari in the same scale as the others instead of one smaller than the rest. Your bias is showing!

Negative Camber

Uh…that’s the official release from Ferrari. And just for what it’s worth, everyone knows I am a Ferrari fan here. :) I did find this one though.comment image

Max Johnson

Why don’t they make it into a fan car, make the T-wing spins and create more downforce?


Now that’s what I am talking about! Thanks!

Sam Dosser

Weirdly enough as I live in Milton Keynes home of redbull I think i prefer the colours of the torro Rosso. Not a massive fan of the Matt finish that red bul went for.


I like the Sauber. The McL is hideous from the side!

Prakhar Mehrotra

From first to last 1. Torro Rosso 2. Renault 3. Mercedes 4. Sauber 5. Red Bull (Although that image doesn’t show much..) 6. Haas 7. Ferrari 8. Mclaren 9. Williams 10. Force India Ferrari seems to have taken the innovative route, which may hurt them in the beginning as they try to understand the new car but hopefully pays dividens later as they find solutions that others can’t easily copy. The mercedes went for the ‘standard’ yet ultra refined route. They will be bang out of the starting blocks but lets hope that there scope of development is less than… Read more »

Pear Bear

Mercedes for the design, flat, rounded nose and no fin to speak of (no pun intended, Valtteri). Sauber and Toro Rosso for the livery. Ugliest by far is the Force India but the McLaren and the Ferrari are butt ugly too. Over all they haven’t really changed much from 2016 as far as style and ugliness goes, even after all the hype that they would look sleek, low and good looking. They may be functional but they are certainly not glamorous. If they were women they’d be the inbred sister of your inbred cousins from the back woods who can… Read more »

Andrew Ludlow

What a miss of the mark the McLaren is. If your going to do burnt orange then commit to it! The car looks more like a McManor. Torro Rosso is the only team that has been bold. Great looking car and all the polls reflect how good a job they have done. Some kudos should go to HAAS for the eagle wing tribute on the fin, but again, opportunity wasted. The Mercedes and Williams are classy and refined, which no doubt appeals to their markets. But where is the flamboyance? Last year it was Red Bull with the matt finish,… Read more »

Andrew Ludlow

What a miss of the mark the McLaren is. If you are going to do burnt orange then commit to it! The car looks more like a McManor. Torro Rosso is the only team that has been bold. Great looking car and all the polls reflect how good a job they have done. Some kudos should go to HAAS for the eagle wing tribute on the fin, but again, opportunity wasted. The Mercedes and Williams are classy and refined, which no doubt appeals to their markets. But where is the flamboyance? Last year it was Red Bull with the matt… Read more »

Mohammed Nayeem

My best looking list:
1) STR
2) Sauber
3) Renault
4) Haas
5) Merc
6) Red Bull
7) Ferrari

The rest (Force India, Mclaren, Williams) look so pathetic that I didnt feel like adding em to the list. The Major disappointment for me was the livery of Mclaren there was so much that they could do. I miss the Mclaren of kimi and Mika…


The so-called shark fins look just a stupid as they do on WEC cars.
If you can only design your car without oversteer by putting a 4 foot by 8 foot piece of plywood at the back, go hire a decent chassis/aerodynamicist.

Mohammed Nayeem

The fins look so ugly, wonder if they realized while discussing the regulations. For me the look of the car is also important as the technology, aerodynamics and the wheel to wheel racing..

Gaetano Colosi

STR is the best … Renault is good as well … the absolute worst of this lot (IMO by a long way) is Williams.


1. Toro Rosso
2. Renault
3. McLaren

Merc, RB, Williams and FI looks the same as previous years. Ferrari? White has never been the great choice has it?

Skid Solo

The end will justify the means. If the car looks like a turd and is a winner, all will be forgiven.

Meine Postma

The Mercedes looks the best because the have no shark fin


It still looks like a swirl of toothpaste to me.

Meine Postma

Still, no fin, so the best.

They think that Mercedes are playing mind games and will use a shark fin anyway. So my opinion may change to Ferrari.


comment image

Ugh. The Ferrari is a mess of sponsor logos.

Meine Postma

:-D so Sauber then?

Wayne Tuck

I think the Merc looks great…mainly because of the lack of the sharknado level shark fin..anybody have an idea why they seem to be the only team with such a small fin?


The Manor, definitely the Manor

Max Johnson

POTW. Also it made me sad, although I can’t say I’m much of a McLaren fan as I was.

Khürt L. Williams

The Haas F1 fin make the car look like it’s moving while standing still.

Max Johnson

The one with the Rothmans color looks best.

Tadhg O'Donovan

Forgetting aesthetics, aero influence, efficiency blah blah.. one thing I think that has been missed about the sail like fin is how it’s going to affect the coverage! Those things are so damn big that the standard camera footage views are not going to show the fights like they did last year (and every year before) you take the standard fight into a right hand curve.. car hoping to overtake drops down the inside braking as late as they can. Footage switches to the camera on the outside of the corner and boom! You get a shot of the car… Read more »


Have to go with the Renault. It looks like the Batmobile.

STR looks like a can of Red Bull.

Haas is pretty good, but they have 2 problems. 1. That grey is terrible. 2. The HAAS logo is god-aweful. It looks like their accountant designed it.

Agree that the Williams is disappointing. The martini stripes look like their flapping in the wind. They should look aggressive/fast, but they don’t.

Jason Smith

STR, Merc (I really like the use of the green/real), and Renault lead the field. Followed closely by Sauber (I really like that blue/white with gold touches. Next are Haas, Ferrari and RBR (RBR may move up with more views, last year’s livery really grew on me). Near the back are Williams and McLaren just for being in-inspired and bland. Finally, about 23 laps behind, is Force India. It’s a shame, they’ve had some really good looking liveries in the past…

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