This dang Ferrari is holding us back!

Red Bull isn’t the only team who can get frustrated by an engine supplier and let the public know. Not to be outdone, Sauber’s Marcus Ericsson has become frustrated with the Ferrari in the back of his car telling AUTOSPORT:

“Unfortunately not so many laps today. We had some issues all day long,” he said.

“First of all there was an engine change overnight that took quite a bit longer than expected.

“Then when we got out on track there were still some issues relating to the power unit that held us back, restricting us to just doing outlaps.

“Of course it’s a bit frustrating, but that’s how it goes sometimes over the first couple of days in a new car.”

Now that’s funny. We would have done well today if it weren’t for this pesky Ferrari thing in the back of my car. While he’s frustrated, he was complimentary of the engine and that, perhaps, is the end of the similarity between them and Red Bull:

“With regard the engine, there’s definitely good potential there. The driveability has definitely improved. I also feel the braking stability has improved”.

The driveability issue is a good thing for sure and Sauber feel their entire chassis has improved from last year despite Mark Smith’s rather lackluster predictions and outlook on the season ahead.



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Who at Sauber sits down and says “Marcus, bud, we need to have a chat.” Or maybe it’s not that big a deal.


They have the same engine Vettel ran last year for 3 wins and a number of podiums. Ferrari sells them the engine but not the expertise to install and maintain it.

Jack Flash (Australia)

Same 2015 Power Unit perhaps… same Ferrari “A-spec” PU and Energy Recovery/Braking software… doubtful.

Manufacturers hobble the Garagista’s in this Cartel Era.