This Michael Schumacher quote sums of the USGP weekend

The following quote is in our initial driver and team preview quotes, but as I ran through it again, it just leaped out at me, sort of how I expect Grace to react to seeing Kimi and Todd to seeing Michael Schumacher.

And it’s a Schumacher quote I’m talking about:

“My wife and I have been big fans of the USA, and also of Texas, for many years” says Michael ahead of the inaugural Austin Grand Prix next week, “so I’m particularly looking forward to the race. I’m really excited to see what kind of track we will find and to see if the American fans will embrace our sport.

From the pictures and layouts of the circuit that I have already seen, everything looks very good. I think Formula One will put on a good show at the Circuit of the Americas, and naturally I will be giving my best to be a part of that.”

In particular, I would point you to this part of his quote:  “see if the American fans will embrace our sport.”

We’re still at the “if” stage, really? I suppose one could argue either side of that, but for me Michael has captured just how critical this race is for F1’s long-term health (i.e. a growing and enthusiastic audience) in America. There’s a lot riding on this race, not just for Sebastian Vettel and Fernando Alonso, but the manufacturers, the sport, the sponsors…

What are your expectations?

Here’s hoping the weekend knocks everyone’s pants off. Except Paul’s. Because I don’t think Paul’s even bringing any.

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