Time to put your money on Williams for F1 title. 2014 maybe?

Before you say, “You’re crazy,” check this out:

Porsche plans to launch a hybrid version of every model in its range in a bid to reduce its fleet average CO2 emissions.

This is according to the firm’s development chief Wolfgang Dürheimer. “In the future we will have hybrid drive in every model,” he told Auto News.

That comes from Autocar, and while it doesn’t mention the Williams flywheel KERS system, that is what’s on Porsche’s hybrid racer, so why not the Cayenne and Panamera?

And if so, then Williams suddenly has a nice new stream of revenue coming in. It has, after all, been grabbing more tightly onto the hybrid part of the business.

So… here’s what we have. Either Williams can up its development budget nicely or it can up its development budget nicely and have a best-in-F1 KERS system all ready and well tested when F1 brings KERS back.

On second thought, how about Williams ‘013?

Well, that’s unless Porsche returns to F1 and doesn’t partner with Sir Frank.

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