Ting & Tuan: Stoner anemic


Apparently Dr.’s Ting and Tuan have diagnosed Casey Stoner as anemic. The mystery illness was weighing heavy on Stoner and making his occupation very difficult as you can imagine.

“I have been in USA until Saturday to do all the tests,” Stoner said. “First of all I’d like to thanks all the doctors involved in this, Dr. Ting and Dr. Tuan in the Fremont Surgery Center, Dr. Macchiagodena, Dr. Catani, Dr. Ceccarelli and of course my physiotherapist Freddy.

“Hopefully step by step I will feel better with their indications. I still don’t feel like I am 100% but the biggest problem now is the ribs that are very painful after the crash in the USA GP qualifying.

“It will be probably another hard weekend, but as always, we will do our best to stay as much as possible close to the lead of the championship”.

stoner had remained in the states to seek medical treatment for his ailment and hopefully now they have a better understanding and can address the situation with the right Dx to help. A healthy Stoner is good for championship battles and he looks forward to this weekend. These MotoGP riders are made of some seriously tough stuff and Stoner is no exception.

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