Tired of the whiny Schumacher? Michael comes out strong for Monaco

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We all seem a bit tired of Michael Schumacher’s complaints about tires (even if we secretly agree with him), so here’s a quote to warm your hearts:

“For so many years we have successfully campaigned for more track safety and then we race in Monaco,” Schumacher said about any safety concerns at the tight, street circuit.

“But in my view this is justifiable once a year – especially as the circuit is so much fun to drive.”

As much safety precautions as have been installed at Monaco, as the BBC piece from which I pull the Michael quote mentions, the track still is very much its own thing. Sergio Perez’s crash last year is fresh — and that chicane after the tunnel has been moved. The BBC notes that no driver has been killed at Monaco since 1967.

But it does feel like Monaco produces a lot more little bumps and crashes, nicks into barriers or mid-race meet-ups of cars, than a more wide-open track. It is the nature of the track.

And so it is good to hear one of Formula 1’s greats say something definitive about racing there — and keeping racing there. I know there is no way that Bernie Ecclestone would ever, ever cut Monaco, but you never, ever know with that guy.

I also realize not everyone universally loves Monaco — maybe it is a bit to much spectacle. But as F1 continues migrating to new tracks in new parts of the world, this race feels like a last bastion of the F1 I hold in my memory: the crush of the rich, the jaunty drivers, the cocktails, the yachts.

And I still think qualifying there is the best thing about F1 all season.


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